Emergency Services

The U.S. Congress established Civil Air Patrol to encourage and aid citizens
in contributing to the public welfare and to provide aviation education and
training to its members and local communities. That charter outlined ambitions
to provide an organization of private citizens to assist in meeting local and
national emergencies. To that end, Civil Air Patrol established Emergency
Services as one of its three primary missions. Dedicated volunteers carry out
this mission in four areas:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Disaster Relief
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Counterdrug Operations

ES Information

  • Tips on prosecuting a 406MHz ELT search.
  • Training is now available for setting up and using the aircraft GPS (G-500, G-1000, Garmin 400W, GTN625/650) for conducting expanding square, route, and grid searches. 
  • Training (paper and video) is available hereAlso included are GPS simulators for the GTN-625/650 and Garmin 400W.

FEMA Image Uploader.

  • The new FEMA Image Uploader program can be found here.

FEMA/NIMS Courses Available on-line

Information on FEMA classes can be found here.

Residence courses are offered through the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (NDDES).

The Training and Events Calendar for NDDES can be found here.


Who should take what courses

Specialty ICS 100 ICS 200 ICS 300* ICS 400* ICS 700 ICS 800
Ground Team Member X X
Air Crew Member X X
Mission Staff X X X X X
Incident Commanders* X X X X X X

*Indicates this course is only offered as a residence course
**GES does not require NIMS training at this time