Capt. Brian Bostad, ND/DO:


SUBJECT: North Dakota Wing ALERT (5-13-13)



MISSION NUMBER: on request




Due to the future fire potential forecast the NDWG Alert Level has been maintained at Elevated to prepare for any request for assistance. Please ensure your units are prepared for any call for assistance.

All personnel should be ready for the possibility of a mission. Wing HQ is not aware of any imminent missions, but based on circumstances such natural disasters, terror alert level increases, or other information, there is a good possibility of a mission sometime in the next few days or weeks. Personnel should pay attention and make sure that they are accessible by phone if a mission is started.

Equipment: Check functionality as soon as practical after a ELEVATED status is reached and at least once a week for as long as the ELEVATED condition exists. Make sure all gear is in working order and ready to be packed up and go if needed. Batteries should be charged and all equipment should be in peak working condition. If possible, carry a uniform and your personal gear in your vehicle or with you at all times.

Personnel Accountability: Unit Commanders should know the availability of their personnel in the event a mission is started. All personnel should be ready to deploy if needed on short notice.


Any aircraft flying within range of:

Fargo can call on the TDFM radio channel 59 for the Fargo Repeater which is monitored by Fargo Mission base Peace Garden 100

Channel 56 is the Bismarck Repeater which is monitored by Wing HQ Peace Garden 50 or afterhours Peace Garden 10

Channel 57 is the Minot Repeater which is monitored by Wing CC Peace Garden 1

Channel 35 is state radio if you witness something that requires the EOC to act immediately to save life or property. Remember to give your position relation to a nearby town so they can respond to you.

Please be sure to call in if you are in the area for a mission or training, you might be reassigned to a mission in flight if needed.