Form 5 Evaluation Information







Initial Evaluations and Add-On Evaluations (Abbreviated) are paid by the pilot and flown under the C7 mission symbol.

Annual Evaluations may be paid by the Wing if monies are available.  These evaluations are flown under the A7 mission symbol.


  • Line up a check pilot
  • Enter your mission into WMIRS
  • Show up at the appointed place and time wearing an authorized CAP uniform combination with the following:

—   A Form 5 with the appropriate items filled in.

—   A questionnaire for each aircraft in which you are seeking flight approval.

 Click Here to obtain these forms.

—   Your required FAA certificates.

—   A weight & balance computation for your flight.

—   A take-off performance calculation for your departure time.

—   Any other data assigned by your check pilot.

—   Any data required by Current Special Interest Item(s) action.

—   After the flight, your check pilot will return your Form 5 and graded questionnaire(s).

  • Enter your data into Ops Quals for validation.  Be sure to also upload your documents into your on-line Pilot Information File (PIF).