Civil Air Patrol – Celebrate 75 years of service to America

March 15, 2016

The North Dakota Wing annual conference is scheduled for April 1st – 3rd 2016 in West Fargo ND. It is a very special conference this year featuring our kick off of the celebration of the 75 year anniversary of the historic creation of CAP in December of 1941. The conference will be conducted as normal with bits of history on display for North Dakota wing, the big change will be during the banquet. We have asked all previous wing commanders to be available for a panel discussion of the history of the wing. So members are asked to come ready to be immersed in a full on discussion about what CAP life was like in the early days, how things have changed over time, and who helped push for change.

We look forward to having the largest wing conference this year and all of our members both present and past coming out to help us celebrate and relive some of our history.

For more information on the conference or to register for attendance please click here



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