NDWG Hosting Squadron Leadership School in Fargo Feb 13th and 14th

January 25, 2016

North Dakota Wing would like to invite all CAP Members to Civil Air Patrols’ Professional Development Squadron Leadership School (SLS) for Senior Members. Here is information about North Dakota Wings’ upcoming Squadron Leadership School.

Squadron Leadership School is designed to enhance a senior member’s performance at the squadron level, to increase understanding of the basic function of a squadron, and how to improve local squadron operations. Completion of this course is required in order for senior members to complete Level II of the Professional Development program, along with promotion to the CAP Grade of 1st Lt.

Prerequisites: Completion of Level I and enrollment in one or more specialty track(s).

When: Saturday February 13 & Sunday February 14, 2016

Location: SLS will be held at the 119th Wing NDANG Base in Fargo, ND. Base Address: 1400 32nd Ave N, Fargo, ND. A valid CAP ID is required by each member who attends in order to enter the NDANG Base.

Lodging: Lodging is being provided by the 119th Wing NDANG Base at their Regional Training Site (RTS) on Base. There is no fee for this lodging. If staying on base, please bring your own sleeping bag or twin bed sheets, and pillow to use on the base provided twin bed mattresses. Lodging “might be” provide for those who wish to arrive Friday night in order to insure you are in town for the SLS start time Saturday morning. If you wish to arrive on Friday, please contact Maj. Trevor McDowell and inquire on possible arrangements.

Schedule: (subject to change)


0845-0925 Check In

0930-1000 Welcome & Introduction 1000-1200 Lessons

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1700 Lessons

1700-1815 Dinner

1815-1945 End of training for the day


0745-0800 Show time

0800-1200 Lessons

1200-1230 Course Survey/Lessons Learned 1230-1300 Graduation

1300 End of course


Meals: All meals are on your own, this means CAP will not be charging a fee for members to attend SLS.


Authorized Course Uniforms: CAP Corporate Working Uniform (polo), CAP Corporate Aviator Shirt Uniform (white shirt), or CAP-USAF style long/short sleeve Blues Uniform.


Registration: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N638JS5  Registration link is now open and will close at midnight on Wednesday February 3rd. The course will be limited to 20 SLS students. Once the course becomes full, registration will close. This means registration could possibly close before the February 3rd deadline.


Contact Information: ND Wing Director of Professional Development & SLS Course Director Maj. Trevor McDowell, email pd@ndcap.us

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