I’m pleased to announce that ND Wing will be conducting our annual North Dakota Wing Leadership Academy for Cadets Feb 20-22, 2015! Garrett Hittle has been selected to be the NDLA Commander. Applications are now open for both Senior Member and certain Cadet Staff positions. Detailed information about the 2015 NDLA is provided below. This year will be different in a way that we are planning on also conducting a lockin activity during the evening of one of the days to provide lots of fun as well as good information regarding low risk decision making.

Please Read the Entire Message:

1.  BASIC NDLA INFORMATION:  This plan outlines the requirements for the North Dakota Wing Leadership Academy.
a. Location:  Fargo ANG Base,1400 28th Avenue North Fargo ND, at their Regional Training Site (RTS)
b. Date of Activity 20-22nd of February (Friday evening through Sunday morning)
c. Cost of the Activity (tuition only): 25.00

  1. Uniform Requirements: BDU (see attached packing list for Uniform information)
    e. Initial Arrival Time:  1930-2015 CST on 20 Feb 2015
    f. Participant Welcome/General Briefing:  2030 CST on 20 Feb 2015
    g. Release from Activity Time:  NLT 1030 22 Feb 2015 (time based on completion of ANG base facility clean up) If you plan to attend, you must also plan to be here until cleanup is completed. No one will be authorized to leave early from the NDLA and must plan to stay until Sunday morning after cleanup!

    a. General Cadet registration is not yet open. Standby for future information. Expected release of information will be on the 5th of January 2015.

    a. Cadet Commander (Cadet officer preferred)
    b. Deputy Cadet Commander
    c. **(more Cadet Staff positions will be open once the above staff positions are selected)**

    a. Cadet Staff openings for Cadets with the current rank of C/SSgt or higher.
    b. If you wish to be a Cadet Staff Member for this NDLA you need to email me TFO Garrett Hittle at ddra@ndcap.us
    d. Applications for Cadet Staff must be received (by email) no later than 1800CST on the 2nd of February 2015.
    e. Applicants must send an e-mail to me of 600 words or less (correct spelling and grammar) telling me about your leadership experience and what your ideas are for this year’s NDCLA.

    a. Deputy Commander
    b. Executive/Logistics Officer
    c. Senior Members to help the Executive/Logistics Officer.

    Senior Members wishing to apply for Staff, or any Senior Members who will be remaining on-site during the NDLA should contact me at ddra@ndcap.us

    5. MEALS:
    a. Food will not be provided Friday 21 Feb. Members must eat prior to arriving to the RTS for in processing.
    b. All 3 meals will be provided on Saturday.
    c. Only morning breakfast will be provided on Sunday.

    a. Safety while traveling to, during, and from this activity is paramount.  In the event of severe weather, such as a blizzard, icy conditions, etc., this activity will be cancelled.  A go/no go decision will be made by the NDCLA Cadet Commander and NDLA Commander no later than 1230 on Friday (20 FEB).  If conditions warrant cancellation of the activity, an email will be sent out over the ND general list serve following  the 1230 decision. Participants and vehicle drivers should review their email prior to departure for a possible cancellation message.
    b. All units are invited and encouraged to participate
    c. Military customs and courtesies will be observed by all participants.
    d. Units with personnel that are attending the NDCLA are responsible for publishing participation letters and information about the NDCLA for their attendees (these letters are not required to be submitted to the activity site).
    e. Cadets that are personally driving to the activity will turn in their vehicle keys during in-processing to the NDCLA Commander. Cadets may not transport other cadets to/from the NDCLA, unless approved by the individual unit commander in writing, that is sent to the NDCLA Commander.
    f. Personnel will arrive with the necessary uniforms, clothing, and materials needed to accomplish this activity (see attached packing list).
    g. All cadet personnel will remain at the Regional Training Site during the entire activity except for emergencies only as determined by the NDLA Commander.

    a. Personnel should plan to pay the NDLA tuition fees upon arrival to the RTS. The tuition fee 25.00, will be required to be paid prior to acceptance at the NDCLA during in processing.
    b. Personnel/units wishing to arrive after the Initial Arrival Time should contact the NDCLA Commander with the estimated time of arrival.
    c. During travel, if your estimated time of arrival (ETA) changes due to unforeseen problems and you will arrive later than 2045, or 30 minutes after your requested arrival time (if you requested to arrive later than 2015), please contact the NDCLA commander.
    d. In-processing may be accomplished in Civilian attire or BDU.
    e. Uniforms will be worn in accordance with CAPM 39-1.  Exemptions for wearing cold weather attire such as coats, hats, and gloves during outdoor activities are authorized.
    f. Cadets and Senior Members will not be billeted in the same quarters.
    g. Senior Members that plan on remaining at the NDLA and are not staff will be utilized as vehicle drivers and in other positions of assignment as determined by the NDLA Commander or NDLA Deputy Commander.

  2. All personnel will be required to possess a CAPF160 and CAPF161. If the participant is a minor they will also need to possess a CAPF163. (All of the forms are attached)

    Cadet Commander:  Open
    Cadet Deputy Commander: Open

    NDLA Commander: 1st Lt. Garrett J. Hittle, 701.526.8681, ddra@ndcap.us

Deputy Commander for NDCLA: Capt. Graham Frost

NDLA Executive/Logistics Officer: Capt. Daniel Villas

NDLA Support Staff: Open

For questions or comments regarding the academy, contact me, Lt. Garrett Hittle at 701.526.8681 or via email at ddra@ndcap.us.


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